2016 Graduating Apprentices

It is our honor to congratulate the 2016 graduating apprentices of IBEW Local 106’s Inside Apprenticeship Program.  Both graduating apprentices joined several instructors and members of the JATC board for a dinner to celebrate their accomplishments.  Pictures of the dinner are attached.

IBEW Local 106 would also like to congratulate, Levi O’Brien, for being this years Top apprentice.

During this years dinner Local 106 also recognized long time instructors Steven Stoeltzing and Thomas Powell for their many years of service to the JATC.  We congratulate you both on your retirement.

Training Director David Wilkinson, Graduating Apprentices Adriano Conti and Levie O’Brian and Chairman Phil Binkiwitz

Steven Stoeltzing, David Wilkinson, and Thomas Powell

New York State Lighting Controls Training Program

The New York State Lighting controls Training Program upgrades the skills of New York State Certified Electricians by providing them with state of the art training and certification in the installation and commissioning of lighting control systems.


  • Reduce energy consumption using advanced lighting controls
  • Encourage the proper installation of advanced lighting control systems through trainings and certification
  • Provide New York State certified electricians with a training opportunity to increase their skills in the usage of energy efficient lighting systems
  • Conserve energy through the use of building management systems
  • Adapt environmentally friendly techniques and decrease the facility carbon footprint
  • Educate contractors on the benefits of promoting energy efficient lighting control systems to their customers


On-Line Training

  • Intro to Energy Savings Strategies
  • Lamp Technology
  • Dimming Technology
  • Occupancy/Vacancy/Daylighting

Classroom Training

  • Intro to Light Sources
  • Switching/Dimming Controls
  • Lighting and Power Management
  • Codes and Emerging Technologies

Hands-on Labs




New technologies in building lighting control systems provide greater overall energy savings and improved control and reliability.  The New York State Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NYS JATC), a joint effort of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), developed this program in response to this energy savings opportunity.

The rigorous curriculum includes hands on laboratory training combined with classroom instruction and an on-line portion.  Master Trainers conduct the trainings throughout New York State.

Open House

We recently had an open house take a moment to look through our photogallery:


300 Union Members, Labor Leaders and Community Activists joined forces on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, to send a clear message to our County Legislatures that we will fight for Workers’ Rights and Collective Bargaining. We are extremely pleased with the number of supporters that attended Wednesday’s rally. It really gives us a greater sense of unity.The Chautauqua County Labor Coalition is working hard to unite the working middle class and the working poor as one collective voice regardless of union or non union affiliation. The CCLC will demonstrate to the leaders of our county and to the media that our collective voice will be heard. We intend to spark labor participation within the decision making process regarding the future direction of our county and its government. Systematic destruction of the working class is non productive and a morally irresponsible approach to County Government.We will remind County Legislatures that Collective Bargaining is not a privilege, it is the law. To be frank, it is the only device the working class of America has to fend off the economic predators allowed to run a muck under the guise of business and job creation. Our elected leaders are bent on the destruction of the middle class stating business cannot afford the working poor although record profits were recorded in 2009 only to be exceeded in 2010. The CCLC will also be standing against the attack on public and private pension plans. The pension benefit is the life blood of the middle class retirement dream and was promised in place of wage increases. The majority of the monies contributed to pension plans are direct contributions made by the participating working not business as the Chamber or Commerce would have you think. The pension system is broken due to lack of proper management on Wall Street not the worker whom contributed or gave up a raise to fund the irrespective retirement. I ask if the money was contributed where is it? Punishment of the capitalist thieves who continuously steal our retirement dreams is the solution, not the defined contribution plan which has no regulation allowing big business to pillage these funds as well.We as a unified middle class and working poor would like to remind our county leaders that we pay the majority of the taxes. We are overtaxed but it is not the labor force that is the issue it is the constant mismanagement of the hard earned tax dollars that have created a national deficit. How many overpriced supervisors, school superintendents, commissioner’s and political appointees are being dismissed or taking a cut to protect the labor taxpayer? Are their more than generous pay, health care, pensions, and vehicle use being cut? If sacrifice by all is to be the standard why is it not leadership by example?

I would like to thank all local 106 members who stood with the Chautauqua County Labor Coalition on March 23, 2011.
We are one!

Organized Labor Giving Back

WNYLaborToday.com Editor’s Note: Twenty International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 106 Members recently donated their time to provide an electrical upgrade to the City of Jamestown’s Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center.  The following Local 106 Members and Leadership, who are pictured above in front of the stage at the Jamestown center, took part in the lighting project: First row – Local 106 Business Manager David Wilkinson, Richard Daniels, Barry Paulus, Martin Anderson, Aaron Soles, Nolan Aiken, Allan Kucmierz, Jason Stoll, Jason Nett and Joe Camarata.  Second Row: Jeffery Marsh, Michael Haines, Lynn Minor, Steve Nowell, Robert Whitney, Adrial Jacobs, Michael Rodgers, John Johnson, Shawn Kinney and David Painter.  (IBEW Local 106 Photo)

“In The Southern Tier: 20 International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers Local 106 Members Donate Their Time To Provide An Electrical Upgrade To Jamestown’s Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center…”

Read the full article at WNY Labor Today.

Published Thursday, March 3, 2011 4:00 pm