New York State Lighting Controls Training Program

The New York State Lighting controls Training Program upgrades the skills of New York State Certified Electricians by providing them with state of the art training and certification in the installation and commissioning of lighting control systems.


  • Reduce energy consumption using advanced lighting controls
  • Encourage the proper installation of advanced lighting control systems through trainings and certification
  • Provide New York State certified electricians with a training opportunity to increase their skills in the usage of energy efficient lighting systems
  • Conserve energy through the use of building management systems
  • Adapt environmentally friendly techniques and decrease the facility carbon footprint
  • Educate contractors on the benefits of promoting energy efficient lighting control systems to their customers


On-Line Training

  • Intro to Energy Savings Strategies
  • Lamp Technology
  • Dimming Technology
  • Occupancy/Vacancy/Daylighting

Classroom Training

  • Intro to Light Sources
  • Switching/Dimming Controls
  • Lighting and Power Management
  • Codes and Emerging Technologies

Hands-on Labs




New technologies in building lighting control systems provide greater overall energy savings and improved control and reliability.  The New York State Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NYS JATC), a joint effort of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), developed this program in response to this energy savings opportunity.

The rigorous curriculum includes hands on laboratory training combined with classroom instruction and an on-line portion.  Master Trainers conduct the trainings throughout New York State.